Precautionary Measures

Sixers rookie Joel Embiid was removed from Friday’s game against the Blazers for “precautionary reasons” after suffering a left knee contusion in the third quarter. Embiid returned to the court in the fourth, but left again for good after what Sixers coach Brett Brown described as “a minor tweak.”

“The review is that he hyperextended his left knee,” Brown said after the game, a 93-92 victory for the Sixers. “He came back in the game. There was a minor tweak again, and for precautionary reasons only the doctors did not allow him to return. There will be more information given as we know it.”

Embiid, who missed his first two NBA seasons to injury, struck an optimistic note, saying his knee is “fine.”

“I’m good. The knee’s fine,” he said. “I knew it was OK. I just landed the wrong way. The front office cares about my future so they shut it down. But I was fine.”

Team Doctors believe his knees could be in jeopardy throughout the season due to the extra weight he carries from drinking nothing but Shirley Temples during the summer.

Drafted No. 3 overall in 2014, Embiid is playing in his first season after missing two years with separate surgeries on his right foot. He’s averaging 19.9 points, 7.8 rebounds and 2.4 blocks in just 25.4 minutes per game this season.


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